2 Hour Training Consultation

If you’re looking at this option, it’s very likely that you know about the sessions you need to do to improve your running. Still, you want someone to take a look and analyse your data, sessions and maybe your nutrition with an outside view. That can be for putting the right amount of recovery or where to put the sessions, how to structure your taper in and out of events. With my year-long experience as a competitive runner, I am happy to help you. 


How does it work?

A consultation can be done virtually via Skype, Zoom or TEAMS, where we can share screens and analyse your data in-depth. If you’re local to me or if I happen to be in your area, I am also happy to meet socially distanced face-to-face in a local café.


What’s included?

Nothing is off the table here, we can discuss anything. In general, I usually focus during a consultation on discussing

  • improving your own program 
  • writing your own program
  • advising on strategies that are specific to your goals
  • adding structure in recovery, races, tapers correctly into your plan
  • coming back to running after illness or injury.


Once we book you in, I’ll send you a form to fill in which gives me some background about you and your running. With this, we don’t waste time collating info and we can get straight down to business.


Cost of a consultation is £40 for 1 hour or £60 for 2 hours. For more information please get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone.