Fell/Trail Running One Off Training Plan

As an experienced coach I have written dozens and dozens of training plans ranging from 5k plans to ultra running and multi-day events. I have these tried and tested plans at my disposal. Although I would always say that an ongoing 1:1 run coaching plan can be more effective, it doesn’t mean that an off-the-shelf plan isn’t a feasible option – it simply depends on your personal needs and target.


Who should do this?

Do you just want to have a plan written personally for you targeting your aims or an event?

The one-off plan is for everyone who wants to have a bespoke training plan for a specific event or running goal but doesn’t want or need the flexibility of weekly adjustments.

This will be specific to you and will included strength work as part of the program developed by me specific to running.


How does it work?


All plans are delivered through Training Peaks one of the leading software platforms for running coaching.

  • I will provide you with a bespoke highly details running training schedule
  • Specific to you
  • Specific to your event
  • Will include strength work sessions as standard
  • Direct sync from the platform to your watch for all sessions


What isn't Included?

You have everything you need with the plan you just don't have me as a coach its that simple, This is a plan only option but I will usually check in every 6-8 weeks to see how your doing and may tweak the plan if things change like the event or you have an injury but think of this as being on your own. 


What's to do next?

Best thing to do is lets have a chat, discuss the event or your goals and aspirations and its no obligation at all and see if I can help you


How much does it cost?

Plans are based on the length of them and will work out to around £45pcm and I sell them in 4month blocks so plans are always £180


Can you upgrade to be on a coached and supported plan?

Yeah we can chat about this at any time whilst your on the plan



To discuss the plans any further by all means get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a call.