Fell/Trail Running One Off Training Plan

As an experienced coach I have written dozens and dozens of training plans ranging from 5k plans to ultra running and multi-day events. I have these tried and tested plans at my disposal. Although I would always say that an ongoing 1:1 run coaching plan can be more effective, it doesn’t mean that an off-the-shelf plan isn’t a feasible option – it simply depends on your personal needs and target.


Who should do this?

The one-off plan is for everyone who wants to have a bespoke training plan for a specific event or running goal but doesn’t want or need the flexibility of weekly adjustments.


How does it work?

I simply write you a personalised and structured training plan from 1 month up to 6 months and that's that, you then go away and use that plan whether it be for improving a 5k, 10k time or training for a mountain marathon or trail ultra.

These plans are available to use through my online coaching platform. You get access to the trainings plan, you can track progress and you can give feedback on the plans.


What’s included?

I have many different styles of plans available to purchase and use in your own training for an event or for personal development.

Plans vary from £49 - £99 depending on the length and complexity of the plan. They can be tweaked and adapted by yourself using my online training software.

If you reconsider switching to an ongoing 1:1 run coaching plan, there is always the option to do this as I have access to all your sessions via the platform. 


To discuss the plans any further by all means get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a call.