Sports Nutrition Consultation

I think every athlete, whether a social runner or an elite athlete, realises that nutrition plays a major part in the building blocks of structured training. Fuelling those sessions and using nutrition to aid with recovery becomes just as important as actually doing the sessions. It’s so important and is often the piece in the jigsaw that people are missing. It’s not that difficult with the right guidance to make small changes to get significant improvements in training and performance. That’s both from a fuelling to training and recovery point of view but also the bigger picture of generally having a healthier lifestyle.

Not ready for being full time coached? But would like an in depth analysis into all aspects of your running by an experienced coach?


Running technique is certainly one of the most important ingredients to being a successful and efficient runner and even more important to staying injury-free. There are many simple adaptions that can be put into somebodies everyday running that will help them a great deal.

Run Llangollen Running Workshops

Something I’m really passionate about is passing on what I’ve learnt on my journey, so basically I'll bore you with my running stories and I’ve got plenty of them! But in amongst me rambling about running and the mountains, we do workshops mainly aimed at beginners where we talk about kit, nutrition on the move and then the gritty stuff like descending and footwork and trying not to fall over. Some of the strength stuff relates to helping you become a better trail or fell runner.

Bespoke Mountain Guide

Are you coming into the area and need a guide?

Going to Snowdonia and want a guide?

Get in touch, we can arrange for bespoke days out on a 1-2-1 basis or for groups and at whatever ability range, so if it’s a 10 mile run in some local hills or a 25 mile plus big day out we can take away the hassle and guide you on any route you like. You can chose the route yourself or we can put on together. You could even chose a classic like the Welsh1000s, Welsh 3000s, sections of the famous Paddy Buckley Round or even night running in Snowdonia.