Running Technique

Running technique is certainly one of the most important ingredients to being a successful and efficient runner and even more important to staying injury-free. There are many simple adaptions that can be put into somebodies everyday running that will help them a great deal.


I offer to all of my existing and paid up coaching clients the chance to have their running technique analysed and improved as pair of their package assuming they are local enough for us to meet up in person. Often people do just want to look at their technique as a stand-alone thing as it's something that is very difficult to assess yourself.


How do I do it?

I use special software to record an athlete running on a treadmill from multiple angles which then can be reviewed and assessed and then a simple plan put together to improve on anything that I think we can improve on.  It's a really important part of running of probably the think people spend the least time on nowadays when we know that a full training calendar of strength work and sessions is really time consuming.


So what do I look at?

  • Arm Movements
  • Efficiency of the leg cycle
  • The feet and legs through the swing and stance motions
  • Movement of the hips
  • Movement of the head & shoulders.

All these paint a really strong picture of us as a runner.


What do I offer?

I can visit you at your home if you have a treadmill or at a local gym if they will allow me in with you. I offer a 2 hour consultation including a comprehensive analysis and review, demonstration of exercises and drills to improve the running technique and some follow up consultations to check on the progress.


Prices start at £60 per consultation, based in North Wales. Anything over £60 is purely based on travel expenses.

Please do get in touch for any more info.