Not ready for being full time coached? But would like an in depth analysis into all aspects of your running by an experienced coach?


Running technique is certainly one of the most important ingredients to being a successful and efficient runner and even more important to staying injury-free. There are many simple adaptions that can be put into somebodies everyday running that will help them a great deal.

 Running Technique is a pivitol part of being a better runner, its also a pivitol part of staying injury free and looking after your body.

I offer a running coach consultation thats encompasses all the aspects of running all in one and this will give you an overall view of what you can do to improve as a runner


As an experienced Coach, Sports Nutritonist & Sports Massage Therpaist i can give you a detailed and in depth analysis into your entire running program


Below is me delivering a Running Strength Workshop at a Local Running Club



So what does a consultation Involve?

Part 1 - Running Assessment

The first part is a running assessment, where i will simply watch you run whilst also recording this so i can also offer feedback after reviewing this footage afterwards. Im looking here at head to toe posture and movemenrt whilst your running - this can be done outside in a natural environment but also if you have access to a treadmill this can be done here as well.

Part 2 - Strength & Mobility Assessment

This is a two part asessment where I will take you through a series of movements to have a look at how your body moves and where any restrictions are in your mobility that may be restricting your running technique and this includes some static movements and some dynamic movements

The second part is a strength assessment where we will go through a number of typical running strenght exercises where i can assess weaknesses and strengths throughout your body.

Part 3 - Training Assessment

The remaining part is we look at your training and what your doing and ill offer up some advice on the training your doing and what you could do to improve it with certain sessions and advice on how to structure your training.  This can also include some nutrition advice also.


So what will you recieve after the Assessment

Based on all the findings of part 1 and 2 you will receive

  • Advice on running technique and specific drills to improve
  • A program of specific strength exercises taylored to the findings
  • In depth feedback on how to improve mobility that supports running technique


Whilst this is most beneficial in a 1-2-1 environment this also can be completed via zoom if sufficient footage of your running can be sent to me

The cost of consultation is £75 to make an enquiry please get in touch via the website or facebook page


I can travel to areas across North Wales, Cheshire, Stafforshire, Shropshire as long as travelling costs are covered

I am also available to deliver these as workshops to groups of runner so please contact me for more information on this


Sports Massage Treatments Can also be included in this at an extra cost