Training Plan with Ongoing Support

This is the most popular style of run coaching I do and also the one that’s proven the most effective. The 1:1 run coaching plan is fully personalised to your specific needs as a runner and person. It’s uploaded 7 days at a time, so I can adjust it to your personal schedule and needs. I will review your training constantly ensuring we’re getting the best from it.


Who should do this?

Basically everyone who wants to have a bespoke and flexible training plan for running adjusted to personal needs. This can be improving a 5k time on the road or training for a mountain ultra. As an experienced runner on all terrains, I have the knowledge and experience to get you where you want to be. If you want to find out more about me, click here.


How does it work?

I manage all running schedules via an online trainings platform. With this specific software, I upload your trainings plan on a weekly basis. You can see your bespoke running plan via an app on your phone. The app syncs with your Strava or Garmin feed giving me full access to your sessions. I then analyse all the data from your sessions, allowing me to tailor the plan on a week-to-week basis.




What’s included?

  • Personalised and Bespoke Training Plans delivered via Training Peaks
  • Premium Training Peaks Account included as standard
  • All workouts synced direct with Garmin Watches (others if supported)
  • Personalised Strength and Conditioning workouts structured within the program
  • Advice and Guidance via Whatsapp & Through the Training Peaks Software
  • Nutrition advice & Guidance ongoing
  • Injury & Rehab Guidance from an experienced Sports Massage Therapist
  • Client Only Facebook Group
  • Client meet ups throughout the year



Coaching Packages

The packages vary on how much of my time you want. I will never refuse to help but it makes sense to have the knowledge of what you’re paying for.




All Clients will have an initial consultation to discuss training, they will also all receive a Nutrition Profile to work with


For a free consultation about us working together please just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a call.


 A few recent client reviews below 

Harry Chadwick - Wales / Chamonix

Over the few months with Run Llangollen my running has improved massively and I now understand what makes a good training plan a lot better.
With a workout schedule put in place with details on what to do during the run, follow along strength sessions, great communication and flexibility, I was able to get the most from my running thanks to the coaching.
Warren does a lot more to help you understand the body and running, it's a lot more than just telling you to go for a run!


Paul, Fell Runner - Republic Of Ireland
I took up Warren for almost a year, overall I found him very informative, packed with science based data that never gets old, you can always keep learning from him and hes always upskilling himself.
Hes sets the target high and sometimes you question his methods but its pays off, unfortunately I hadnt the time to keep it going due to another commitment. I'd have no hesitation recommending Warren to anyone, he says it the way it is no bulls@#t

Louis (Junior Athlete), North Wales 

"Warren is a very good coach, he is very helpful and is always there to answer any questions I have. I got two 30 second parkrun PBs in a row after only a few weeks of training. He has recently helped me through an injury and gave me advice and helped me get back as quickly as possible. my plan is very flexible and warren is keen to get me into prime shape for upcoming races."


Simon, North Wales

"I've known Warren for about 18 months and for the past 3 months he's been working with me to help me get my speed back and improve my fell running after a period of self-coaching and running ultramarathons, which dramatically made me one-paced! My training plan is tailored specifically to me, is flexible so that it fits around my work & the rest of my life and offers lots of variety and built-in motivation - there's nothing like having some accountability to a coach to get you out doing hill reps after a day at work! As for results, well, I'm still work in progress, but I just ran my first sub 6 minute mile in about a decade. I really recommend having a chat with Warren about how he can help you achieve your running goals."


Mandy, North Wales 

"Four months now training with Warren remotely. I wanted to improve my uphills and knew what I needed to do but realised if I was not beholden to someone (my coach) I would not be mentally strong (or commit the time) enough to do it. I am not an elite runner, just someone who likes running and wants to be competitive in my age group (V50). My son Archie had some one-to-one coaching with Warren last year to improve his style and it really helped so I thought why not. I also ride horses and so have coaching every other week. I realise that everyone needs help in whatever sport to improve and keep motivated. My program is tailored weekly to my other commitments; at the moment less so due to COVID-19. I enjoy the mixture of sessions and the added tips. Additionally when I have injury niggles I get advice and my program adapted. Warren is a great role model and really cares. I have lost fat, gained muscle and am the fittest I have ever been. This means I can now burn more calories so can eat more cake. Well you have to have your goals don't you!"


Dan Gill, Cheshire - Lakeland 100 Finisher

I owe lots of people a lot of thanks, especially Warren Renkel , after my toe operation earlier in the year, he devised a plan to get me fit enough to do the race, it worked brilliantly, he coached me through it, gave me all the advice and help I needed, I couldn't recommend him highly enough, having a coach for this process gave me the drive to train properly, without him I would have just done my normal Dan thing and in all likelihood, failed. Warren, you're a star, thank you.


Livvy Beckett, North Wales - Pen Llyn 50 finisher

I can’t recommend Warren enough - After 9 months I’m fitter, stronger and have far less niggles!
My plans fit around work, kids, life etc and Warren’s always happy to change them up if need be.
One thing’s for sure - I never would have run 50 miles without his coaching!!
Lesly Heather, Cornwall - Rat Race Hadrians Wall Finisher
I used Warren to prepare for a 70 mile Ultra, I wouldn’t have completed that run without him!